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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The cost of cheap Chinese goods?

As any reader of this blog will know I am not a fan of the Chinese government and it's policies.  Often my arguments focus on economic and military issues relating to China's rise and the global consequence of such a rise.  While economic and military issues are the means of Chinese might, the true reason I so studiously object to the their system of government, has to do more with human rights and a respect for liberty.  As an American, I understand my country is imperfect but I ask the reader to show me a country that isn't.  What I do instinctively understand, about America, is that this is still a country where I am free to choose the manner in which I live my life, pursue my dreams and voice my concerns.

China's success provides the world an alternate path toward prosperity and governance.  The so called Beijing Consensus of state directed capitalism, that promises wealth but not freedom, is a dangerously attractive model for governments around the global.  This attraction presents the greatest threat to the millions who aspire to live a life free from tyranny.  The choice China is offering the world's poorly governed people is this: is it better to be rich and controlled or poor and free.  This logic makes sense but do we really want to live in a world where these are the options we face?  This is a terribly unnecessary choice.  As Chinese economic, military and political power continues to grow this choice gains global credibility.  This is not the future I wish for.  My two cents!

Below I have started a list of links to articles which deal with Chinese Human Rights violations.  I will continue to update this post as new articles are written and reviewed.

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