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Monday, February 28, 2011

Is there nothing China won't copy?

Chinese business is shameless, truly! Is there nothing they will not steal. It is bad enough that there is rampant piracy of our software, music, movies and business ideas but to rip-off the websites of the business you copy is pushing it a bit much. The question becomes what does it mean to be an entrepreneur in China? The answer is simply, not much apparently. To be a successful tech executive in China requires a few key components: a censor free internet connection, so you can see what is hot in the U.S., a cozy relationship with some government bureaucrat, so you can have your U.S. competitor forbidden, and then simply rip off their business model, website and IP.

This is just pathetic and it must stop. Examples of just such conduct below: Thanks Gizmodo for these!

Link to original Gizmodo post here.

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  1. thank you for the thorough post Even. i am sure some one must be looking into it. keep us updated with more of your truly insightful discoveries.