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Monday, November 22, 2010

'Defend the Humanities'--A Dishonest Slogan

A great critique that is almost never made by a university professor especially in the hyper PC UC System in California The article is best summed up by this quote " There was a time when "save the humanities" would have been an appropriate cry, but that was years ago, when they were being dismantled in one department after another and replaced with the intellectual triviality and sheer boredom of endlessly repetitive Marxist identity politics, as cowardly administrators looked on and did nothing. The poverty of intellectual content was masked by an elaborate jargon, but that only made things worse: the remade programs became the laughing stock of their campuses. But now the day of reckoning has arrived Enrollments have collapsed, to the point where the smaller departments face extinction. Those enrollments are sinking not because students don't value the humanities, but because they do". Since the intellectual foundation of capitalism have been banished from the humanities departments is it any surprise that they have failed to see the coming approach in the invisible hand of Adam Smith's teachings. The time has come for universities to shed the useless and damaging gender, ethnic and humanities departments which not only ill prepare students for productive life in American society but create a generation with a dangerously skewed world view. The article below is a good read.

'Defend the Humanities'--A Dishonest Slogan

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