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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Unemployment and education

Does a college education ensure a better chance at a middle class life.  An obvious question but one perhaps not adequately explained to high school students.  Data shows clearly that a college education ensures a better life.   Obviously there are exceptions to this rule but overall by simply looking at the BLS statistics demand for university educated employees is much higher. The increased demand leads to higher wages and lower unemployment.   The link below takes you to an interesting chart on the unemployment rate across all education levels.

Chart Data
July '10
Nov. '10
Less than high school diploma
13.8 %
15.7 %
High school graduate
10.1 %
10 %
Some college
8.3 %
8.7 %
College diploma
4.5 %
5.1 %
The increase in November's unemployment rate was fueled by higher joblessness among the lowest skilled and highest skilled workers. Unemployment was higher last month compared with this summer on a seasonally adjusted basis  for those without a high school education, and those with a college degree or better, while the unemployment rate declined for other workers. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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