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Thursday, October 13, 2011


This started here.  This is a parody on the Occupywallstreet protests that I saw a gentleman post on a blog.  I have added the graphics and #freesoupsalad&breadsticks4all.  Great humor and fantastic political satire.

While I strongly disagree with much of what the Occupywallstreet protesters advocate, I can appreciate their desire to excise their constitutional rights of freedom of expression.  I only wish that the protesters acknowledged the value of the freedoms they enjoy and the many sacrifices made to protect them.  The U.S. constitution is truly an amazing document and apart from what Erza Klein may think it is not confusing and was written by people who were endowed with equal intelligence to present day man and clearly much more courage.  Rather than argue for greater government intervention in their lives the protesters should join those of us who have come to the realization that politics ruins most things it touches and as such the less it touches the better.  A limited government is the best path to individual prosperity.  This has been proven as there is not one example in history of a government having made all of their citizens rich nor succeeded in eliminating want.  Want and greed are human emotions and let us pray that the day never comes when government has grown so large, in the U.S., that it has the power to stamp out emotion in the name of destroying greed and want.

This is why I call on all citizens of this great nation and of those freedom loving citizens of great nations and proud peoples around the world to #OccupyOliveGarden!


  1. But I want lasagna! I want it, I want it, I want it! I am protesting the bread sticks which are obviously a ploy by corporate wheatists to buy off the movement on the cheap. DON'T BE FOOLED!!!!!!

  2. Those greedy corporate wheatists not to be trusted. They are driving obesity so they can profit by selling medications, health insurance and medical care. Free medical care!!

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